It all began back in 1986 when a local named George Ward Senior gave a bunch of kids the idea to surf competitively against each another. Mudjimba Boardriders was born, and from this, a successful pool of local talent has followed. The first end of year presentation was treated with the presence of the local legend, Gary Kong Elkington, who made our Old Woman Island famous with the hot surf movie “Kong’s Island”. This kicked 3yrs wonderful years with George Senior at the helm.  

Around 1989 a young bloke named Lance McCallum and his old mate Choff took over. To this day Lance has been the backbone of the boardriders. Lance was in the Open Mens Division at this stage and in his prime. If his memory serves him well, he’ll tell you he won his division that year, and for several years after that.

1992 was the year that a local baker by the name of Mark Favell and wife Julie grabbed the opportunity to put some inspiration into the club. The man loved to surf and surf he could. His trademark stance and casual composer was a familiar sight at the boardwalk. You knew the surf was unrideable when you saw Mark going to the beach with a fishing rod. RIP Mark, we all miss your unforgettable yarns.

From here to today the club has gone from strength to strength with many of our founding members, who were just young kids when the club was founded, taking over the helm.



The club promotes junior development by providing coaching opportunities at the local high-performance centre & club coaching by senior members, which encourages the youth to learn about training, nutrition & fitness development. Our focus is to encourage the local youth to be active, live healthy lifestyles & combat obesity. By bringing our members together on a regular competition basis we focus on their performance in & out of the water with surf safety paramount.

Numerous members have been outstanding competitors involved in local, state, Australian & world competitions. This commitment has reflected in our club sponsorship which boasts an average of 5 major & around 20 small businesses every year that foresee the club’s potential within the community. Local grants have also been a way to provide items the club has required such as learner surfboards, trailer, tents & sound systems. 

Interested in supporting Mudjimba Boardriders? Email us, secretary@mudjimbaboardriders.com.au